Friday, January 29, 2010


No two children are exactly alike. Each child has their own identity and personality that is unique from every other person that has ever lived. Your second child will never be a carbon copy of your first. Therefore, no child will be raised, taught and handled in the same way.

So how do you consistently parent yet allow for differences?

I know my parents were good at setting consistent standards for us but in various situations those standards could be adapted to the individual and their circumstances. For example, I was ASB president my 8th grade year of middle school when I was 13. I wasn't quite old enough to attend stake dances and so the same thing went for school dances. Well since I was president and I was in charge of decorating for dances and making posters and all parents let me go to the dance. I remember that none of my friends really went and that I was only going to help run things. My mom came along and I remember what a support that was to me. My parents were not being permissive or lax in relation to the standards they had set by letting me go to this middle school dance but valued supporting and nurturing me more than anything. That was a higher priority to them than anything....and that is why I am who I am today because the example and love that they showed to me was the best thing they could give me.

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