Friday, January 22, 2010

Following The Lord's Pattern

"I will give unto you a pattern in all things, that ye may not be deceived." D&C 52:14

Today in class I learned just how detailed a pattern for a shirt can be. Patterns follow shape, construction, size, detail. If patterns are not traced uniformly then every piece will be off, sizes will not match, even the pattern on the shirt its self will be off.

If we liken this to our families and marriages...The Lord has provided us a specific standard to pattern our lives after. I am so grateful for that pattern, for the guidance and light it brings into my life. I would sure dislike learning the patterns of the world on how to raise my family or conduct my marriage. Today there is even disalignment in the world in regards to how a family should be defined!

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we find the pieces of the perfect pattern within the Proclamation to the Family, scriptures, a prophet, ordinances...etc. Within these, we can pattern our life in a way that will bring us the most happiness for ourselves and our families. I know the ways in which to raise a righteous and successful family and that is so conforting to me. Althought the family is under siege, we have the nessesary tools to win.

We also discussed in class how it isn't the big things distracting families. The way a family is constructing their pattern can be mere a 1/16th of an inch off, but if it is continually replicated and altered in that way, those little things can throw a whole family off track. Satan will not lead the family down all at once. The father of lies will sneak his way into families inch by inch till he has hold of one of the most important and central unit of God's plan.

We need to intentionally and very purposefully cut, sew, fold, mark, that we are striving and living up to the Lord's pattern. We may not be perfect but we can try and as long as we are following the gospel teachings and ordinances we are going to be okay.

We can make course corrections in life and there is never a time too late to change. This is can be made possible by the power of the Atonement which I am so grateful for. I am also grateful for the life of my Savior, Jesus Christ, who led and showed me the way I must live to return back with Him someday.

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  1. I really like your analogies. The world just seems to be a little off...and it just seems to get further and further away from the orgininal pattern.