Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Doctrines, Principles & Applications

As teachers, leaders, and parents it is vital that we nourish those we teach and lead by focusing on the fundamental doctrines, principles, and applications emphasized in the scriptures and the words of our latter-day prophets.

Elder Henry B. Eyring said, "We can teach even a child to understand the doctrine of Jesus Christ. "

It is most important for us as parents to teach our children doctrine, the why behind what is asked of them. For example, if we do not teach them why it is important that we keep the Sabbath Day holy, and we only apply the commandment by exercising it, then they might not catch the true significance.

It is more important to teach doctrine so that children can grow and learn by individually applying and practicing the underlying principles taught. This is how testimonies grow and our works become aligned with the pattern the Lord has set for His children.

Joseph Smith said, "I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves."

We must allow our children the agency to choose for themselves but at the same time we must not allow them to choose to do just anything, nor would we want to give too many rules to follow that their agency be stilfled. So there is a balance to keep....we just have to remember that there is no one formula to parenting....that is why we are taught mostly doctrine and principles so that within our individual lives and circumstances we have the agency and opportunity to carry out those doctrines and principles in a way that works best for our families.

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