Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Parental Influence

The parent-child relationship is the most important relationship the child has. I have learned that between 6 and 10 years of age, parents spend less time with their children due to the fact that the children have begun school and are quickly developing their own friends and getting involved in after-school activities. That is why the years preceding this time is so important for teaching your children good habits and simply because your presence in their life and the support parents can give is invaluable.

Although the time spent with the children is less once a child begins school studies show that the parental influence in the life of the child is still very strong. It is important to realize that because this is the developmental stage preceding adolescence, it is a time of preparation for the adolescent stage in life. So making sure a strong foundation is laid now can help ease the transition from childhood to adolescence in the coming years. Parenting is all about transitions, growing, learning and adapting.

President David O. McKay has expressed, "God has implanted deep in the souls of parents the truth that they cannot with impunity shirk the responsibility to protect childhood and youth.There seems to be a growing tendency to shift this responsibility."

The parent-child relationship is truly the most important relationship the child has and we can not shirk from this responsibility.

Faith in Christ needs to be our guiding tool in influencing our children for good. As parents, we have been promised that we can bind our children to us by exercising our faith. This applies even if they do not listen to righteous influence and go astray, our faith and support will influence them for good. We may not always be able to influence our children but as parents we do have a strong affect on the way our children carry our their lives. Plus it is a set responsibility for us to lead, guide and provide an example to our children so that they will grow up to do those things that that Lord would have them do.

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