Friday, March 12, 2010

Preventative Disicipline

Preventative parenting has to do with preventing misbehavior and problems before they ever happen. It is laying the foundation for effective parenting.

Successful ways to do this can be to,

-Set consistent limits and clear/high/age appropriate expectations to set a foundation to begin with....based on their specific temperament.

-Be interested in child's development & growth.

-Monitor and supervise child. Know where child is and what he or she is doing at all times.

-Correct and follow through with disciple the first time.

-Teach principles and doctrines.

-Establish clear communication and listening patterns.

-Establish and maintain routines and structure.

-Redirect misbehavior.

-Anticipate potential future problems and make needed course corrections..don't wait till it is a major problem.

A great example I thought of was teaching etiquette and dinner manners at a Family Home Evening in preventing having to nag and correct 50 billion times during dinner, making it a much more meaningful and enjoyable experience for all. This way you will have already implemented rules and set expectations of how your children should act at the dinner table. These rules then need to be consistently enforced and yet allow for flexibility. Being consistent provides structure and security.

"An important thing that you as a parent have going for you is that your children come into this world with a natural desire to please you."

This quote in its self gives me a feeling of relief in regards to preventative discipline because I know I CAN have influence on my children and if I implement rules, limits and boundaries at an early age they will want to please me and follow my example of righteous living. I do have control over how my children behave and how they are ultimately shaped into the person they will someday become. That is my responsibility as a parent and that quote gives me hope and faith that my children will listen to me and respect the things that I require of them.

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