Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Parenting With Heart & Real Intent

It becomes important to understand your values, motivations and beliefs so you can be an intentional, conscious parent and guide your children from the heart using your intuition.

Unlike a job, as a mother or dad you don't punch in and out, you have very few vacation days. You can't resign, and you usually don't get another assignment. So, parenting is serving. Parents in order to function under God's plan, sacrifie time, agenda, and energy with a desire to raise children who will be a blessing and useful in God's kingdom.

As parents we need to be able to "bring forth fruit with patience" and "bear fruit in every good work."

This Scripture mentioned, also talks about "admonishing" our children, and that represents a huge part of what parents are to do in regards to guiding their children. It represents things like training, instructing, teaching, reproving, and disciplining.

"We can see disciplining our children as an incredible opportunity to seep grace into their life, and pour love into their life, and to correct their thinking."

Choosing to parent intentionally is important in producing a stronger, healthier, and more resilient human being. Intentional parenting means considering every aspect of your child's development in the context of today's environment. Planning ahead and creating a realistic vision for the family of your dreams will serve as a valuable guide you can constantly refer to along the way. The ability to anticipate the challenges associated with parenting in our current culture will help you maintain a permanent advantage. The more you can anticipate, plan for, and address your future role as parent, the closer you will be to achieving your dream.

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